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The hypoid gear set used in KM-Series speed reducer . The hypoid system used is mainly solved the problems existing in the prior technology that the reducer has complex structure, unstable operation, small single-stage transmission ratio, large volume, unreliable use, many failures, short life, high noise, inconvenient disassembly and assembly, and inconvenient maintenance. Moreover, in the case of meeting the large reduction ratio, there are technical problems such as multi-stage transmission and low efficiency.

  • Module : M4.5
  • Material: 8620
  • Heat Treat: Carburizing
  • Hardness: 58-62HRC
  • Accuracy: ISO5
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    Hypoid Gear Definition

    hypoid gear working

    A hypoid is a type of spiral bevel gear whose axis does not intersect with the  axis of the meshing gear. Hypoid gearings are used in power transmission products that are more efficient than conventional worm gearing. Transmission efficiency can reach 90% .

    Hypoid Gear Feature

    hypoid gear feature

    The shaft angle of the hypoid gear is 90°, and the torque direction can be changed to 90°. This is also the angle conversion often required in the automobile, airplane, or wind power industry. At the same time, a pair of gears with different sizes and different numbers of teeth are meshed to test the function of increasing torque and decreasing speed, which is commonly referred to as "torque increasing and decreasing speed". If a friend who has driven a car, especially when driving a manual car when learning to drive, when climbing a hill, the instructor will let you go to a low gear, in fact, it is to choose a pair of gears with a relatively large speed, which is provided at low speeds. More torque, thus providing more power to the vehicle.

    1. Adjustable angular change of torque power

    2. Higher loads: In the wind power industry, the automotive industry, whether it is passenger cars, SUVs, or commercial vehicles such as pickup trucks, trucks, buses, etc., will use this type to provide greater power.

    3. Higher efficiency, lower noise: The pressure angles of the left and right sides of its teeth can be inconsistent, and the sliding direction of the gear meshing is along the tooth width and tooth profile direction, and a better gear meshing position can be obtained through design and technology, so that the entire transmission is under load. The next is still excellent in NVH performance.

    4 Adjustable offset distance: Due to the different design of the offset distance, it can be used to meet different space design requirements. For example, in the case of a car, it can meet the ground clearance requirements of the vehicle and improve the pass ability of the car.

    Manufacturing Plant

    China the first one to import USA UMAC technology for hypoid gears .

    hypoid spiral gears heat treat
    hypoid spiral gears manufacturing workshop
    hypoid spiral gears machining


    Dimensions and Gears Inspection


    We will provide compete quality reports to customers before every shipping like dimension report ,material cert ,heat treat report ,accuracy report and other customer’s required quality files .



    Dimension report

    Dimension report

    Heat Treat report

    Heat Treat report

    Accuracy Report

    Accuracy Report

    Material Report

    Material Report

    Flaw detection report

    Flaw Detection report



    Inner Package

    Inner (2)

    Inner Package



    wooden package

    Wooden Package

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