Belon's advanced Quality Management System is the cornerstone of our success. Since its establishment, ISO9001, IATF16949 quality management system has been passed and IOSI14001 environmental system certification.These certifications reflect our commitment to excellence and environmental responsibility


At Belon, we uphold a stringent process control system. Our dedicated service support is your companion throughout the entire product lifecycle – from design and production to post-sales service. With our expert knowledge and extensive experience, we offer a fast and reliable service guarantee."


We ensure quality control throughout the entire production process, starting with raw material testing, followed by rigorous process inspections, and concluding with finish inspections. Our commitment to adhering to DIN and ISO quality standards guarantees top-notch quality."

Physical and Chemica Lab

Our state-of-the-art Physical and Chemical Lab is equipped with cutting-edge equipment to conduct comprehensive testing and analysis, including:

Chemical Composition Tests of Raw Materials
Mechanical Properties Analysis of Materials

Our advanced equipment includes high-precision metallographic microscopes from Olympus, Microhardness testers, spectrographs, analytical balances, tensile testing machines, impact testing machines, end quenching testers, and more. We ensure the highest standards in material testing and analysis for quality assurance.

we perform thorough and precise dimensions and gears inspections using a range of advanced equipment, including:

Kingelnberg CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine)
Kingelnberg P100/P65/P26 Gear Measuring Center
Gleason 1500GMM 
Germany Marr Roughness Tester / Germany Marr cylindricity Tester
Japan Roughness Meter / Germany Profiler
Japan Projector /Length Measuring Instrument

These cutting-edge tools and equipment ensure that we maintain the highest standards of quality and accuracy in our inspections and measurements.

Dimensions and Gears Inspection


In overseas purchasing, we understand the concerns regarding quality control by customers. At Belon, we prioritize transparency and provide comprehensive quality reports before shipment. These reports give you a clear view of the product quality, helping you make informed decisions. Our quality reports include, but are not limited to, the following details:Bubble drawing ,Dimension report,Material cert,Heat treatment report ,Accuracy report,Others per request like meshing report ,Flaw detection report ,Ultrasonic testing report etc.

Bubble Drawing
gear bubble drawing
Dimension Report
gear dimension report
Material Cert
gears material cert
Heat Treat Report
gears heat treatment report
Accuracy report
Accuracy report
Other Per Request
Meshing test


We are dedicated to your satisfaction. Belongear offers a one-year warranty against any defects found against drawings. As our valued customers, you have the following options:

  1. Product Exchange
  2. Product Repair
  3. Refund of the Original Purchase Price for Defective Products

Your trust is our priority, and we're here to ensure your complete satisfaction with our products."