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Hypoid gear set has been often used in industrial robots .Since 2015 ,all gears with high speed ratio are produced through milling-first domestic producer to achieve this major breakthrough .With higher precision and smoother transmission ,our products serve as your best choice to replace imported gears .

  • Module : M2.67
  • Material: 8620
  • Heat Treat: Carburizing
  • Hardness: 58-62HRC
  • Accuracy: ISO5
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    What is hypoid bevel gear ?

    The conical surface is used as the indexing surface, which approximately replaces the drop wheel of the end truncated surface far from the throat on the hyperbola.

    Features of hypoid gears:

    1. When facing the teeth of the big wheel, place the small wheel horizontally on the right side of the big wheel. If the axis of the small shaft is below the axis of the big wheel, it is called a downward offset, otherwise it is an upward offset.

    2. As the offset distance increases, the helix angle of the small wheel also increases, and the outside diameter of the small wheel also increases. In this way, the rigidity and strength of the small wheel can be improved, and the number of teeth of the small wheel can be reduced, and a high reduction ratio transmission can be obtained.

    The advantages of hypoid gears:

    1. It can reduce the position of the driving bevel gear and the drive shaft, thus lowering the center of gravity of the body and the vehicle, which is beneficial to improve the driving stability of the car

    2. The offset of the gear makes the number of teeth of the driving gear less, and a pair of gears can obtain a larger transmission ratio

    3. The overlap coefficient of the hyperboloid gear meshing is relatively large, the strength is higher when working, the carrying capacity is large, the noise is smaller, the transmission is more stable, and the service life is long.

    Manufacturing Plant

    China the first one to import USA UMAC technology for hypoid gears .

    hypoid spiral gears heat treat
    hypoid spiral gears manufacturing workshop
    hypoid spiral gears machining

    Production Process

    raw material

    Raw Material

    rough cutting

    Rough Cutting



    quenching and tempering

    Quenching And Tempering

    gear milling

    Gear Milling

    Heat treat

    Heat Treat

    gear grinding

    Gear Grinding




    Dimensions and Gears Inspection


    We will provide compete quality reports to customers before every shipping like dimension report ,material cert ,heat treat report ,accuracy report and other customer’s required quality files .



    Dimension report

    Dimension report

    Heat Treat report

    Heat Treat report

    Accuracy Report

    Accuracy Report

    Material Report

    Material Report

    Flaw detection report

    Flaw Detection report



    Inner Package

    Inner (2)

    Inner Package



    wooden package

    Wooden Package

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