Since 2010 , Shanghai Belon Machinery Co.,Ltd has been focusing on high precision OEM gears ,shafts and solutions for the Agriculture ,Automotive, Mining , Aviation ,Construction ,Oil and Gas ,Robotics ,Automation and Motion control etc. industries .


Belon Gear holds the slogan “Belon Gear to make gears be longer” .We have been striving to optimize the gears design and manufacturing methods to maximum achieve or beyond customer's expectation to decrease gears noise and increase gears life  . 


By summing total 1400 employees with strong in house manufacturing along with key partners , we have a strong engineering team and quality team to support oversea customers for a broaden range of gears :spur gears, helical gears, Internal gears, spiral bevel gears, hypoid gears , worm gears and oem design reducers and gearboxes etc. Spiral bevel gears ,Internal Gears ,Worm Gears are what we are featured .We always hold customers benefits in full view by creating the most efficient and cost-effective solution tailor-made to the individual customer through matching the most proper manufacturing crafts . 


The success of Belon is measured by the success of our customers. Since Belon founded ,Customer value and customer satisfaction are the top business objectives of Belon and are therefore our constantly sought goal. We have been winning our customers hearts by holding the mission not only providing OEM-High Quality gears, but to be a long term trustable solution provider and problems Slover for many renowned companies from aboard.

Vision and Mission

Belon Vision

Our Vision

To be the recognized partner of choice for the design, integration and execution of transmission components for worldwide customers. 


Belon Value

Core Value

Explore and innovate, Service Priority, Solidary and Diligent, Create future together 


Belon Mission

Our Mission

Building a Strong empowered team of international trading to accelerate the expansion of China transmission gears exporting