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High precision grinding helical gearshaft used in helical geared motors. Ground helical gear shaft into accuracy ISO/DIN5-6 ,lead crowning was done for the gear .

Material: 8620H alloy steel

Heat Treat: Carburizing plus Tempering

Hardness :58-62 HRC at surface ,Core hardness :30-45HRC

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Advantages of helical gears:

The helical gear has good meshing performance, stable transmission and low noise; the helical gear has a large coincidence degree, which reduces the load of each pair of gears and improves the bearing capacity of the gear; the minimum number of teeth of the helical gear without undercut is small. 

Manufacturing Plant :

Top ten enterprises in china ,equipped with 1200 staff ,obtained total 31 inventions and 9 patents .Advanced manufacturing equipment ,heat treat equipment ,inspection equipment .All processes from raw material to finish was done in house ,strong engineering team and quality team to meet and beyond customer’s requirement .

Manufacturing Plant

cylinderial belongear worshop
belongear CNC machining center
belongear heat treat
belongear grinding workshop
warehouse & package

Production Process

All production was done in house from forging to the finish parts .Process inspection has to be done during every process and make records .

quenching & tempering
soft turning
heat treatment
hard turning

Inspection : We equipped with advanced inspection equipment like Brown & Sharpe three-coordinate measuring machine , Colin Begg P100/P65/P26 measurement center, German Marl cylindricity  instrument , Japan roughness tester , Optical Profiler , projector , length measuring machine etc. to make sure the final inspection accurately and completely .


Dimensions and Gears Inspection


We will provide below reports also customer’s required reports before every shipping for customer to check and approve .




Inner Package

inner 2

Inner Package



wooden package

Wooden Package

Our video show

small helical gear motor gearshaft and helical gear

left hand or right hand helical gear hobbing

helical gear cutting on hobbing machine

helical gear shaft

single helical gear hobbing

helical gear grinding

16MnCr5 helical gearshaft & helical gear used in robotics gearboxes

worm wheel and helical gear hobbing

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