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The straight bevel gear used in differential gear unit for tractor , The rear output bevel gear transmission mechanism of the tractor gearbox, the mechanism includes a rear drive drive bevel gear shaft and a rear output gear shaft arranged perpendicular to the rear drive drive bevel gear shaft. The bevel gear, the rear output gear shaft is provided with a driven bevel gear that meshes with the driving bevel gear, and the shifting gear is sleeved on the rear drive driving bevel gear shaft through a spline, characterized in that the driving bevel gear and the rear drive driving The bevel gear shaft is made into an integral structure. It can not only meet the rigidity requirements of power transmission, but also have a deceleration function, so that the small gearbox set on the rear output transmission assembly of the traditional tractor can be omitted, and the production cost can be reduced..

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Straight Bevel Gear Definition

straight bevel gear working method

A simple form of bevel gear having straight teeth which ,if extended inward ,would come together at the intersection of the shaft axles .

Straight Bevel Gear Features:

1) Relatively easy to manufacture

2) Provides reduction ratios up to approx..1:5 

Straight Bevel Gear Application:

Straight bevel gears are usually used in machine tools ,printing processes , harvester especially suitable for use as a differential gear unit 

Manufacturing Plant

hypoid spiral gears heat treat
hypoid spiral gears manufacturing workshop
hypoid spiral gears machining

Production Process

raw material

Raw Material

rough cutting

Rough Cutting



quenching and tempering

Quenching And Tempering

gear milling

Gear Milling

Heat treat

Heat Treat

straight bevel gear working method

Gear Planning




Dimensions and Gears Inspection


We will provide compete quality reports to customers before every shipping like dimension report ,material cert ,heat treat report ,accuracy report and other customer’s required quality files .



Dimension report

Dimension report

Heat Treat report

Heat Treat report

Accuracy Report

Accuracy Report

Material Report

Material Report

Flaw detection report

Flaw Detection report



Inner Package

Inner (2)

Inner Package



wooden package

Wooden Package

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Straight Bevel Gear Machining Way

How To Machine Straight Bevel Gear

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