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This set of spur gear was used in tractors ,it was grounded with high precision ISO6 accuracy ,both profile modification and lead modification into K chart.

  • Module: 4.6
  • Pressure Angle: 20°
  • Accuracy: ISO6
  • Material: 16MnCrn5
  • Heat treat: carburizing
  • Hardness: 58-62HRC
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    Spur Gears Definition

    spur gear worming method

    The teeth are straight and parallel to the shaft axis ,Transmits power and motion between rotating two parallel shafts .

    Spur gears features:

    1. Easy to manufacture
    2. There are no axial force
    3. Relatively easy to produce high-quality gears
    4. The most common type of gear

    Quality Control

    Quality Control: Before every shipping ,we will do following testing and provide whole quality reports for these gears:      

    1. Dimension report :5pcs full dimensions measurement and reports recorded

    2. Material Cert : Raw material report and original Spectrochemical Analysis

    3. Heat Treat Report : Hardness result and Microstructure testing result

    4. Accuracy report :These gears did both profile modification and lead modification ,K shape accuracy report will be provided to reflect the quality

    Quality Control

    Manufacturing Plant

    Top ten enterprises in china, equipped with 1200 staff, obtained total 31 inventions and 9 patents .Advanced manufacturing equipment, heat treat equipment, inspection equipment.

    door of cylinderial gear worshop
    belongear CNC machining center
    belongear grinding workshop
    belongear heat treat
    warehouse & package

    Production Process

    quenching & tempering
    soft turning
    heat treatment
    hard turning


    Dimensions and Gears Inspection



    Inner Package

    Inner (2)

    Inner Package



    wooden package

    Wooden Package

    Our video show

    Spur Gear Hobbing

    Spur Gear Grinding

    Small Spur Gear Hobbing

    Tractor Spur Gears -Crowning Modification At Both Gear Profile And Lead

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