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The bevel gear set are lapped which was used in helical bevel gearbox .

Accuracy :ISO8

Material :16MnCr5

Heat Treat : Carburization 58-62HRC

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Lapping is one of the finishing processing methods of gears. The processing principle is to make the lapping gear and the lightly braked lapping wheel mesh freely with no gap, and add abrasive between the meshing tooth surfaces to make use of the relative sliding of the tooth surfaces. , to cut a very thin layer of metal from the tooth surface of the gear to be ground to achieve the purpose of reducing the surface roughness value and correcting the error of the gear part.

The precision of tooth lapping mainly depends on the precision of the gear before lapping and the precision of the lapping wheel, and lapping can only effectively improve the quality of the tooth surface and slightly correct the error of tooth shape and tooth orientation, but it has little improvement on other precisions. 

Applications :

Helical bevel gearboxes have a wide range of applications like

1) Metallurgy

2) Building materials

3) Mining

4) Petrochemical

5) Port lifting

6) Construction machinery

7) Rubber and plastic machinery

8) Sugar extraction

9) Electric power and other field

Manufacturing Plant :

lapping bevel gear workshop
lapping bevel gear workshop 2

Production Process:

raw material

Raw Material

rough cutting

Rough Cutting


Gear Turning

quenching and tempering

Quenching & Tempering

gear milling

Gear Milling

Heat treat

Heat Treat

gear lapping

Gear Lapping



Inspection :

Dimensions and Gears Inspection

Reports :,we will provide below reports along with pictures and videos to customers before every shipping for approval for lapping bevel gears .

1) Bubble drawing

2) Dimension report

3) Material cert

4) Accuracy report

5) Heat Treat report

6) Meshing report


Packages :

inner package

Inner package

inner pacakge 2

Inner package



wooden package

wooden package

Our video show

meshing test for lapping bevel gear

surface runout testing for bevel gears

lapping bevel gear or grinding bevel gears

spiral bevel gears

Bevel gear lapping VS bevel gear grinding

spiral bevel gear milling

bevel gear broaching

industrial robot spiral bevel gear milling method

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